A New Nigeria

Yesterday, on May 29, 2023, a new group of political leaders, including candidates from the All Progressives Congress, assumed office in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, both at the federal and state levels. While some individuals celebrated, particularly during the presidential and Lagos state inaugurations, many young people were disheartened due to witnessing elections marred by thuggery, voter marginalization, and the unconstitutional collation of voting results. The opposing political parties, primarily represented by the People’s Democratic Party and Labor Party candidates who enjoyed significant support from the youth, have taken their grievances to court. Nigerian citizens are attentively following the proceedings at the election tribunal and patiently awaiting the outcome.

Rather than delving into the intricate details of the ongoing petitions, it is crucial to highlight the remarkable resilience exhibited by the Nigerian populace. If you have the opportunity to interact with Nigerians, you will witness their unwavering spirit. “Nigerians face challenges from all sides, yet they refuse to be distressed; they encounter perplexity but refuse to succumb to despair; they may be persecuted but are not forsaken; they may be cast down but are never destroyed.”

Regardless of the verdict from the tribunal, I firmly believe that Nigerians will transcend their current sadness and strive for greatness once again. A “New Nigeria” is not only a possibility but a necessity that must come to fruition…. #newnigeria

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