You know many of us were raised to be courteous i.e. use magic words like ‘please,’ ‘sorry,’ ‘thank you,’ but I have observed that as children eventually become adults, these words appear to loose meaning or become inconsequential to these same individuals. Why does saying ‘thank you’ to someone that does something minor, like opening the door for you or major, like one going out of his/her way to do something that he/she didn’t necessarily have to do in the first place become difficult or almost impossible for many more adults? I am not sure but our busy world today disenables us sometimes from focusing on the little things that matter.

‘When someone hears you say ‘thank you,’ it tells a lot about who you are. It shows that person that you are humble, grateful, appreciative, and deserve to be shown kindness again. ‘Thank you’ is powerful!!! It is just two words but these two say a lot.

‘Thank you’ encapsulates what you can’t fully convey in words. It comes from deep within and expresses how you feel inwardly. It is a heartfelt expression that can open many doors. It shows humility, and what humanity should look like.

‘Thank you’ is not always a response to a good act towards you. It is also said as an affirmation or after an introspection of your life journey- when you feel an appreciation of the growth that you have made and the thought of the wonderful people that God has placed in your path to make your journey easier

‘Thank you’ should never go out of style. Please remind the person next to you to say ‘thank you’ when someone does something big or small for them.

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