Happy New Year to you and how is your year going so far? Well I have been under the weather a bit this week but I am recovering, thankfully. I have also been drawing in on God’s grace daily because I think i will be needing to do a lot of this in 2022. But wait don’t we all need God’s grace for every aspect or area of our lives, be it school, work, family, or relationships, etc? God’s grace comes from the Greek word, “Charis,” which means God’s unmerited favor and undeserved kindness, which he has given to us freely.

Tristan Thompson hit so many headlines lately. Earlier this week, he came out publicly on social media to acknowledge a paternity test that confirmed that he is the father to a new born, who was conceived with his personal trainer while he was in a relationship with his girlfriend. Even though, this confirmation by Tristan was not a complete shock, he was met by trolls and negative name calling by men and women around the world. Tristan Thompson is like you and me because “we all are like sheep that have gone astray, each of us turning to our own way….(Isaiah 53:6). Sadly, a lot of men, and women, are guilty of infidelity but haven’t been caught or made a public show or spectacle. Tristan happens to be the subject of scrutiny this time because of his celebrity status. The next time you catch yourself trying to judge Tristan harshly, don’t forget that you are not perfect either. All of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3: 23)

I am reminded of God’s grace that has always been available, and continues to be, even when I have been, and I am still, undeserving of it. This past week, three members of my immediate family tested positive for COVID-19 despite following precautionary measures and being double vaccinated but thank God we didn’t face hospitalization and are recovering well. God’s grace is available to Tristan, even today, in his broken state. He only needs to embrace it and it will surely work in his favor. Sometimes, people need to face public humiliation to fully come to comprehend God’s amazing grace and embrace it.

God’s grace is not given to you or me because of our good works. It is available to all but we need to know how to access it. You only need to ask God for it and he says we can access it by faith. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works so that no man can boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9

In our broken state, we can see ourselves in Tristan but we don’t have to stay there forever. We should not only come to repentance and humility anytime we fall short but always remember that God’s grace is sufficient for us and his power is made greater in weakness.

Have an amazing and grace filled 2022


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